Monday, 21 April 2014

everything about you gets me high

top - lazyoaf // shorts & socks - american apparel // shoes - nike air // beanie - ssur // flowers - courtesy of my boyf

Wow this was a vday post I had yet to upload and it's now April? I'm ridic at being on time. But this was my outfit that got featured on lazyoaf's instagram ( and made me die in happiness. And yes, only reason why I got on their webpage was bc my very kind (cough) boyf got me this shirt as a vday present and I kinda made him feel bad because the first thing I said was "huh where's my unif stuff" instead of thanking him in any sort. L O L but it's okay I still appreciate your efforts babe (even though you fail at present giving, and yes i'm so unappreciative loooool, i still love you tho it's k). And now he practically claims credit for me getting featured, much wow, as if my styling + posing skills didn't contribute at all.

Practically crammed like a shitload of marketing terms in my head for the test this wednesday and dear lord please let me do above average so I can at least get a B+/A- overall. Sigh pie.

xx Leah

Friday, 18 April 2014

for my theme song, my leather black jeans on

top - crooksandcastles // shorts - unif // shoes - jeffrey campbell coltranes // beanie - HUF dbc // bag - thestylemafia // lipstick - mac's rebel

Pulled through the last week of school and it's all over till exams come in about a week's time. I can't believe how fast year 1 of university has passed it's ridiculous. Not too sure how the impending doom of working life will feel, but I guess I rather do something i'm interested in rather than study 24/7. Can't wait for my Taiwan trip which is in two weeks and it's all finally settled. Maybe then i'll start my youtube channel and whatever I plan to do (aside from RAG) for the next three months.

Something I have been obsessed with lately are these zara shoes. I think the trend now are all the slip on birkenstock styles shoes (which my sister owns) but I don't particularly find them appealing in any way at all. I personally find them like really bad, and only certain people I know can pull them off. It really depends on the look. But I mean if you pair them with shorts i'm just like hell no.

But these ones are really gorgeous, a strap could make a HUGE difference if you ask me

I'm still deciding if I should splurge on them or not because i'm kinda broke trying to save for Taiwan and also, idk if my feet look good in them to be quite honest. But the colours are so pretty how do I resist. They remind me of the Givenchy sandals I think they launched in the SS13 collection (argh, omg a constant reminder of my lack of purchasing power) but yeah. We shall see.

xx Leah